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Temecula Family Law Attorney

Are you looking for a Temecula family law attorney? You’ve come to the right website. Founded with the goal of helping families in southern California navigate difficult family law issues, Wilkinson & Finkbeiner Family Law Attorneys continues to operate on the same premise with the same convictions. Even now, with years of experience and an incredibly thorough understanding of the California judicial system, our attorneys are 100% committed to our clients’ success. This is evident through hundreds of successful cases and a reputation that is only exceeded by a commitment to our own families.


Meet Managing Attorney Justine Marren

Justine is the managing attorney for our Temecula, California divorce family law firm.  Click here for more information about Justine’s experience and qualifications.

Certified Family Law Specialists

When searching for an attorney in Temecula Valley or anywhere in Riverside County, don’t settle for any law office down the street. After all, you’re fighting for your family. At Wilkinson & Finkbeiner, we are proud of our status as a Certified Family Law Specialist, which is one of the highest titles of recognition bestowed by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. Both David and Scott have specialization experience, have passed written exams, fulfilled continuing education requirements, and are viewed favorably in the eyes of the judges, courts, and contemporaries with whom they work.

Family Law Practice Areas

Our Temecula attorneys are skilled in a number of unique aspects of family law. Some of our major practice areas at Wilkinson & Finkbeiner include:

  • Divorce. Whether mutually agreed upon or hostile in nature, divorce is a reality for a many married couples. Our attorneys will explain the intricate details of divorces, dissolutions, and separations so clients have a clear understanding of what to expect and how to proceed. Typical cases include contested divorces, uncontested divorces, dissolutions of domestic partnerships, annulments, and legal separation.
  • Child custody and support. In many divorce or separation cases, child custody is the most highly disputed aspect. At Wilkinson & Finkbeiner, we have children of our own and understand the responsibility of caring for them in the midst of challenging circumstances. Whether it is custody, visitation, or child support, or spousal support, we are highly skilled and experienced in this area and can help you achieve the results you seek.
  • Post-Judgment Modification and Enforcement/Collection.  We specialize in modification of family law orders stemming from divorce, paternity and domestic violence.  We also are extremely successful in collecting on outstanding child support and spousal support arrears and other obligations.
  • Premarital agreements and postnuptial agreements. Pre and postnuptial agreements are effective tools for safeguarding personal and financial assets in the case of divorce. Our attorneys are skilled at drafting, overseeing, and explaining these agreements to every party involved.
  • Domestic partnerships. Due to recent changes in California state laws, domestic partnerships can now include same-sex relationships. At Wilkinson & Finkbeiner, we have the experience and knowledge to fight for your rights during domestic partnership disputes.
  • Domestic Violence. When issues in the home become too much to handle and domestic violence becomes a very real threat, our attorneys can help you file for a restraining order against a spouse or ex-spouse. Not only will we help you file, but we will also walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have regarding this complicated situation.

For more about our family law practice areas, click here.

We are Lawyers that Truly Care

At Wilkinson & Finkbeiner, our attorneys understand the unique circumstances surrounding your situation. We treat our clients as the unique and important individuals they are, not as simply another nameless case with a cookie-cutter solution. We understand the nuances involved in the divorce and separation processes, and, more importantly, we know how to respond. We will protect your rights and ensure matters are resolved in a way that benefits your children and loved ones. For additional information on our services, contact Wilkinson & Finkbeiner. Our Temecula family law attorneys are highly skilled, specialized, and proven at our trade. With a reputation for achieving results, we believe you will walk away satisfied and content with the legal process. For a free confidential consultation and legal assistance in a language you can understand, please contact us today.